Let’s start this off with a little tidbit.

“The No. 1 most frequently used emoji is the single red heart. It was shared more than half a million times (575,381) in tandem with a hashtag, which is 79% more than the next most popular emoji.”

How many little red hearts did your business’s Instagram posts get?

That’s okay… because you’re on Instagram to increase traffic & engagement while personifying your brand!



Getting your audience to notice you is one of the reasons why you’ve gotten into creating content to market your business. Businesses that use images in their content got 94% more views than those who didn’t. Your audience is exposed to so much content on a daily basis, which is why they’re less likely to read a wall of text. They say an image says a thousand words, so use Instagram as a way to summarize one message into one consumable image. Posting an image is effective, however it won’t get your website traffic if you’re not sharing a link.

Your image should be a visual representation of what you want your target audience to explore. Did you post an article last night? Find an image that describes it, and share a short snippet text along with the URL in the description of your Instagram post. Forty-five percent of people accessing content do it through a mobile device, so you’re extremely likely to drive more traffic to your website.



Picture your brand and your target audience interacting with each other. Show your audience the types of personas your business interacts with. This helps them relate to your business, which can drive participation in your community. Showing people’s faces in your posts can increase the potential number of likes by 38%.

Use each post to grow your business and engage with the community. You can show an upcoming product or service or promote company activities that your target audience may want to participate in. Visualize what your business is good at, and visualize what you want your company to work on. Have an objective for every visual post, and show your audience that you are a part of their community. You want your audience to complete a call to action: get them to share, like, or comment on the post.

You can take it a stretch further and even get your audience to generate content for you!



Pictures can easily define the story of your business and what your beliefs and values are. Share an inside view of your business, and make it 100% authentic. We’re humans, and for the most part we like to connect with other humans. You probably won’t be able to relate with a $1 billion dollar company, but you can relate to a company that shares an image preeching their hate for gluten.

Stick to a visual style that embodies your company. Your content needs to have a core message that can be relateable to your audience. Does your business primarily take place in the great outdoors? Share images that tell your target audience!


It’s easy

Don’t fret. The number of heart emojis you have doesn’t matter. You’re posting on Instagram to do mainly 3 things.

  1. Increase traffic to your website
  2. Engage with your audience
  3. Personifying your brand

Instagram is a powerful tool that can boost your content and social media marketing efforts. What do you think?