Why start?

Figure this out: (blank) is king.

If you read that and answered “content”, you’re right. If you answered “cash”, you’re also right. You are a sucker for good content; you save info graphics and bookmark blog posts. Content marketing is all the craze right now, and you probably want to start as of yesterday. Let’s figure out why you should start right now.

To achieve your goals

You are probably doing this because you want more follows, likes, comments, and views. That’s the goal right? Wrong. These are the effects of achieving your goals. It was found that only 44% of B2C businesses in North America knew what the goal of their content marketing strategy was. Why? You go to the gym and know exactly what it is you want to achieve. You should be just as confident with your content marketing.

Focus on brand awareness, brand loyalty, generate possible customers, and customer engagement. Determine what is most important to you, and find a way to measure it. If generating possible customers is your main focus, measure the number of visits that turn into email sign ups, or form completions. Set a measurable goal that you can compare your current progress against. The only way you can achieve your goals is if you connect with your audience.

To become a part of your community

You are a valuable part of your community, but does your audience know that? Well the only way this is ever going to happen is if you connect with them. There’s a reason why figures like Casey Neistat, Kayla Itsines, or Elon Musk have large followings. They understand the audience they are speaking with.

The best way to engage with people is to speak their language. You’re going to have to understand what drives them, what their problems are, and what they want to solve those problems. Figure these out and match your content towards them. You’ll start engaging with your audience on a whole different level.

To engage your audience

There’s a reason why you’re doing what you’re doing. You know why you started your business, so you’re going to have to fill in your audience on that. You don’t want to get lost in telling your own story. Be efficient as you can be and start documenting and communicating your content marketing strategy with your team. Create the habit of keeping track of what every piece of content will do for your business, and how often you are going to publish content.

Having clarity about what your content marketing strategy is about, and keeping track of your plans will make it easier for your audience to follow. Vlogs work so well because you are taken on a journey, from start to finish. Create yourself a story and plan each step. This is the best way to get your audience to support you while also increasing the effectiveness of your overall content marketing strategy.

It’s not too late

You’ve probably heard this before. The best time to start was yesterday; the second best time is now. It’s not too late: 39% of businesses are still in the early stages of content marketing.

These businesses are one step closer to setting and achieving their goals. They’re one step closer to becoming a part of their community. They’re one step closer to engaging with their audience.

What are you going to do to get yourself one step closer?