You’ve probably started a few social media accounts, set up your company website, and wrote a few blog posts. Now you’re thinking about adding some more interesting content. What’s a better way to do that than to start a vlog, right?!

Before you start thinking about that, did you know that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute?

You’re probably thinking of a way you can stand out, the type of music you want to use, and the amount of views you want to achieve. Have you thought about the purpose or benefits a vlog can have on your target audience and business?

After watching hours upon hours of fitness entrepreneurs on YouTube, we’ve pulled two key factors that would make a vlog great.


What’s the purpose?

This is the most difficult question to ask yourself before beginning to produce vlog content. Before getting into the commitment of filming yourself on a consistent basis, you’ll have to have a strong purpose. It may be fun to create vlogs, but you have to make sure you are providing value to your audience.

The only reason you’re ever going to watch a video is if you get something out of it. You need to find what makes you different from other fitness influencers. You’re probably well versed about the fitness industry on YouTube, and you’ve probably identified what makes people so popular. Their content addresses a need. Some may provide motivation, others may provide education. Your job is to identify a gap that you can fill, which will ultimately benefit for your audience.

Remember that your brand is going to be built around dedication and commitment. Two characteristics that are important within the health & fitness industry.


How will this help your business?

You also want to have solid business objectives that your vlog can achieve. Before starting the process, you have to map out how your vlog can benefit your business. Creating content can be easy, however creating content that directly benefits your business is a whole challenge in itself. Will your vlogs generate brand awareness? Will they be used to promote your products or services?

A sustainable plan must be in place. You need to be consistent with your content creation as well as your overall theme. It’s best to follow one purpose when creating your vlog content. If you’re looking to market personal training services, then educating your audience will align with your business goals. If you aim to educate your audience, then stick with educational videos. This will help you create quality content to maintain a strong relationship with your target audience.

Always put your audience first before promoting your products or services. The success of your vlogs as well as your business depend on the influence you have on your audience. Maximize your influence by providing value first.


Is it worth it?

It depends. Are you looking to make your vlogs a primary source of income? Or are you looking to add vlogs as another type of content for your business? If it’s the latter, then it’ll definitely be worth the effort. The thing is we can get caught up in creating the flashy intro and slow motion bicep curl, but we overlook the real benefits a vlog can have on our business.

Before starting a vlog you have to ensure you have two things:

  1. A clear purpose
  2. A plan to meet business objectives

Not to mention, many successful vloggers have an extremely magnetic personality.

What makes you want to commit to creating vlog content?