You don’t have to be a large corporation like Starbucks to produce stellar content. If you’re a local business you may actually have a few advantages. How?

  1. Exposure to the local buzz
  2. Knowledge of local problems
  3. Support from other local businesses
  4. Strong local presence

Below we explain how the above can propel growth for your local business.


Exposure to the local buzz

A large reason why businesses can be successful with content marketing is the knowledge of the local industry. The content produced by a businesses needs to be valuable in order to get results. In order to do this, you’ll need to know what kind of problems your audience experiences. When you live in a city like Vancouver, news about businesses travels very fast. New restaurants have often generated such a  buzz in the community through the introduction of new locations, re branding, or product offerings. These restaurants have identified what the local community desired, and have capitalized on their local knowledge.

Any business that generates a buzz through the local market is likely producing content to keep the target market engaged. For example – Bows & Arrows, a local coffee shop (and bar!) opened its first physical location in Vancouver. They’ve created a Facebook page following the opening of the new location. Their blog has also been launched as well. Both channels will likely be used to listen to and engage with the community, as the company is now offering its products and services to the consumer market.

The business will be able to listen to the local community and offer solutions to potential customers through content and social media. Bows & Arrows is an example of a local business that is taking advantage of local knowledge to produce content that will attract customers and generate revenue.


Knowledge of local problems

Local businesses have the opportunity to produce high quality content extremely easily. A local business does not need to worry about the cost and production frequency of content.

Why is this important?

You don’t have to focus on pumping out 5 blog posts a week. The quantity does not indicate quality, and a local audience would probably have trouble keeping up with the content anyways. As a local business, you can focus on local trends. You’ll be able to identify local problems and provide a suitable solution. After all, the success of your content relies on its ability to provide value to your audience.

Businesses with a local target market can get away with less content creation, while still generating growth in traffic and sales. Using local knowledge can result in the creation of an article that converts 1000 visitors a month into 10 sales. However, this does not mean you can stop creating content – as this would affect your search engine optimization and overall reputation with your audience. Simply put – local businesses have an advantage in creating quality over quantity.


Support from other local businesses

Other local businesses can be your best friend. How? Collaboration.

You can take on the entire market on your own, but you’re probably going to need some help at one point. For example: a coffee shop would probably benefit in partnering with a local bookstore across the street. A bar and brewery would mutually benefit from each other. A boutique clothing store and sneaker store could work together as well. All of these relationships can help with attracting your target audience. Collaborations don’t necessarily have to be exclusive to brick and mortar stores. Content can easily connect all types of businesses to each other.

Guest blogging is an effective strategy that you will likely use in the future. Not only does it help with building your brand, but also participating in a community. The best part about guest blogging is that it’s easy to identify partners looking for guest bloggers. It’s as easy as searching up your niche and “write for us”, “guest blogging”, or “guest author” as a query. The only thing is that these partners have to be relevant. Their audience has to include your audience, and they’ll also need the reach to be go with their authority.

Collaboration is super valuable for smaller businesses; you’re likely looking to engage with a community to increase traffic and grow your business. Partnerships can help build the community and allow you to physically be a part of it.

Don’t be afraid to create content acknowledging your competition! Your audience has probably looked up for “Who is the best ________ in Vancouver?” so it’s alright to have content that addresses their concern. Be honest with this – you’re probably not going to list yourself as an option here. This is a chance for you to provide local knowledge about your industry versus straight up promoting your business.


Strong local presence

You’re a local business, which means you’re going to have the golden opportunity to join countless local groups and events. Local social media groups, networking events, or even bars can help with sharing your content and brand. Many businesses would spend thousands just to have your ability to be a part of your local community.

Your reputation among the community is what determines your success with your audience. Your content should be leveraged to solidify your position in your neighbourhood. Local interviews, testimonials, podcasts, case studies, and multimedia can engage your audience. Create content that relates to your local community to establish a natural place for your business within the community.


What does this mean for you?

You’re going to have to look at content marketing in a different light. It’s not just a strategy that giant enterprises use. It’s a way for you to accelerate growth for your business. As a local business, you are at an advantage. You have exposure to the local buzz, knowledge of local problems, support from other local businesses, and the capability to have a strong local presence. Put it all together and you might not need that million dollar marketing budget to be a strong figure in your community.


What will you do to start content marketing?