Getting the attention of people who are uninterested in what you have to say is pretty much impossible. This applies to restaurants in Vancouver. You’ve probably walked by a bunch of restaurants and outdoor display stands downtown. Many of these stands are boasting their “appy hour” or “$4 beer” special. But what really makes you finally decide on a place to eat?

Standing outside and peering into the restaurant is one way to decide, but how often have we found ourselves taking out our phones to do a quick Google search? We had the pleasure of working with restaurants to amp up their digital marketing game by producing content. What we found was that potential customers were looking for a restaurant they can trust, sense personality in, and ultimately find on Google.

Gone are the days of throwing out fliers and pamphlets at your audience. Below we explain how content marketing helps drive business into restaurants.


Builds trust

You probably swear by a couple of restaurants off the top of your head. Why? Probably because the food tickled your taste buds, or people are raving on and on about it on social media. These are signals of trust, and while you can build trust with your food you’ll need to take a few steps into the future. This is possible through the wonders of content marketing!

You can blog about trends, fads, recipes, special events, or even give an inside look into your restaurant. No matter what type of content you choose, your content marketing campaign will always have to align with the branding guidelines of your restaurant. You’ll create trust with potential customers by sticking to producing content that is true to your brand.

An easy way to build trust is by sharing recipes on your blog. We’re not necessarily talking about sharing the recipe of your top selling dish, but you can start with your “secret sauce” that you serve with fries. Your customers admire you for your food and customer service, so help them relive that experience at home by sharing a recipe they can follow. Your audience will trust you even more because of your transparency and ability to deliver value to them (even while they’re at home!)

Content marketing helps you create relationships with your audience. Providing valuable content like recipes or how-to videos to solve their needs will establish trust. Show your audience that you are not just another restaurant with a logo and Groupon promotion. Share a little bit about what makes your restaurant the best and you’ll attract the best type of customers in return.


Shows personality

We may not realize it, but we often visit restaurants based on our personality, inner circle, and current mood. You might be the most extroverted and charismatic restaurant owner ever, but your audience won’t see that. They’ll see the brand of your restaurant. Content marketing is the easiest way for you to show the personality of your restaurant, which attracts your ideal customer.

Let’s take a look at a description of a local Vancouver restaurant with loads of personality.

“Tucked into the upper story of a delightfully faded building in Chinatown, Kissa Tanto invites you into the little jewel that is the House of Plenty.  First we will eat!  Such supreme satisfaction we take from the delicate flavours of Japan and the warmth of Italian cooking and feel it’s right to bring these culinary forces together to do a little dance.  Why not?  Soul mates are they not with their mutual love of noodles, rice, and proteins in their pure, delicious uncooked form?  Think of the cool elegant crudo and cruda, crisp exotic salads, playful pastas, and rich, tender meats that we shall sink our teeth into.  And whilst doing so, we will drink!  We will wipe the frost off of the Singapore Sling, inhale the burgundy scent of Barolo, sip tiny glasses of fine sake, and down chilly glasses of beer.

And we will laugh, tell stories, escape to soulful places that only great music can take us, and hold hands in dark corners.  So please fix your hair and wipe the mud from your boots and please come in.”

This is written on the homepage of Kissa Tanto, a Japanese – Italian restaurant that extrudes the personality of The Great Gatsby novel and Bioshock video game series. What Kissa Tanto does to separate itself from others is sharing images on social media. The images are no doubt high quality, but most posts are accompanied by a poetic feel. From all the content we’ve found, we can gather that Kissa Tanto provides us with an elegant dining experience. The powers of content marketing!

So how can you give your restaurant more personality?

Stick to your content strategy, your defined core messages and beliefs, and run with it on social media. Tell the story of your restaurant and provide an inside view to help customers connect with you on a personal level. You want to be as visual as possible!

Pictures are extremely important to a restaurant’s content – we eat with our eyes first. With that being said, your best channels of communication are going to be Instagram and Facebook. Both platforms allow you to share pictures while also creating personalized descriptions that cater to your audience. Your audience is more likely to purchase a plate they can visualize rather than read about. We live in a day and age where you can whip out your iPhone to snap pictures, so try your hand at creating content now!


Helps with search

The whole reason businesses get into content marketing is so that they are found through search engines. Having content doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll place in the top 5 sushi restaurants in Vancouver, but it sure will help. Provide your audience with quality content, and the traffic you’re looking for will follow. We have to be honest here – word of mouth is one of the biggest reasons a restaurant will have loads of traffic. So why create content?

Create content now and you’ll be better geared for the future. Not only will it be easier for you to translate blog posts into social media posts, but you’ll also be better equipped in digital marketing than your competition. Social media posts will create back links to your website, your blog, or other social media channels. Constantly publish and promote your content, and you’ll grow your digital presence even further. Popular review websites like Trip Advisor, Yelp, or Zomato will likely pull information about your restaurant directly from your content.


It’s not easy

To gain more customers, you’re going to need to build trust, show personality, and get found on search engines. To build your way towards achieving these aspects, you’ll need to start dedicating yourself to content marketing. The methods we’ve provided are easier said than done, but the effort will be worth the additional revenue. We understand that content marketing isn’t going to be easy, especially when you’re managing a restaurant in Vancouver. At Cubicle Marketing, we do all the heavy lifting and make sure your content marketing is on point.


What will you do to take initiative for the content marketing of your restaurant?


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