It’s weird how we overlook videos when it comes to content marketing. When someone mentions “content marketing” we immediately think about blog posts. Did you know audiences are 10 times more likely to engage with video more than text content? Of course, right? You probably only needed one quality video to get the same results as your last 10 blog posts.

Creating videos is as easy as whipping out your iPhone, pressing the record button, and uploading it onto Snapchat or Instagram. Let’s put our fancy 21st century technology and create content that will blow your audiences’ mind! You’ll need to give your audience a conversation piece, motivation to take action, and an emotional experience. Do this, and you’ll have content that will win over customers.


Give them a conversation piece

Everyone loves to share the newest and best thing they’ve stumbled upon. When you create a phenomenal video, your audience will share it with others. Jonah Berger, an expert on viral marketing and trends, describes this as the process of obtaining “social currency” from your peers. How often have you shared the funniest video ever to win someone’s attention or approval? What we want out of social currency is to spark a conversation with our peers. Sharing something valuable in exchange for conversation and affiliation is social currency in a nutshell.

If you want to start a conversation, give your audience something to talk about. You can raise awareness of local social or community issues. You can share unique aspects about your business. Create an immersive and entertaining experience for the audience. Give them something to associate with the brand – a purpose or cause to stand behind.

When you notice a conversation has started, keep your audience engaged. Acknowledge that they are viewing, liking, commenting, and sharing your video. Fuel conversation by adding your opinion into discussions. Your brand’s engagement will show your audience that you believe in the content you’ve produced. Content will last for as long as you keep it up, so remember that your involvement in a conversation will be viewed by audience members in the future as well.


Inspire them to take action

Help your audience by inspiring them to take action. Show them a way to achieve their goals or solve one of their problems. You can do this by supporting them with tutorials, motivation, or even creative inspiration. As a brand you’ll probably want to have an audience that is capable of standing behind values and beliefs. Inspiring action will greatly benefit your community, audience, and brand.

You can make your audience feel capable of victory, which definitely inspires action. Was your audience looking for a way to pick jeans that fit perfectly? Or searching for a way they can cook steak for the very first time? Give your audience the power to solve their problems, and they’ll take action.

Use videos to explain your products, services, or techniques to your audience. Do it in a way that is non intrusive, helpful, and super understandable. Not only does this encourage them to take your call to action, it also helps with your audience at the top of your sales funnel. Members of your audience may find your video inspiring, but not all of them will be inspired to take action.


Tug at their emotions

Your ability to tell a story can create an emotional response from your audience. It’s often a bit more difficult to follow a story through text, which is why videos are the ideal medium for telling remarkable stories. You can share the values, origin, mission, and other aspects of your brand in ways words can’t describe.

Videos are an easy way to show the human characteristics of your business. The tone of voice, facial expressions, and soundtrack of your brand can be put into a single video almost naturally if you have a content strategy in place. Personifying your brand will bring you and your audience closer as you magically establish a human connection through digital content. Once you’ve encouraged people to sniffle and snob uncontrollably, you’ve probably won over them over emotionally.

Your audience won’t necessarily hop out of their bed at 12 AM to buy from you after an emotional video. They’ll remember who brought out their emotions, and maybe down the line they will buy from you. The main purpose of creating videos is to tell a story in a way that your target audience will be able to connect with emotionally. Do this, and you’ll inspire action down the road.


Make some noise

The conversion rate of videos is higher than any other type of content; research showed that 71% of marketers saw an increase in customer conversions. So what are you waiting for? You could be making a masterpiece like this:



Give your audience a conversation piece, inspire them to take action, and tug at their emotions. Videos will allow you to communicate with your audience on a whole different level. Put the pen and paper down – pick up that camera and add some personality to your content!