It depends

A study conducted by HubSpot showed companies that posted content more than 16 times a month generated 3.5x more traffic than those who posted 0 – 4 times a month. A general rule of thumb with content marketing is that more activity equals better results. I know, you’re probably thinking 16 times a month!? Let’s figure out how many times you should post on a monthly basis. We’ll determine if you really do have to post 16 times a month.


Frequency and Consistency

When we want to be active, there are two things that we have to consider. First is frequency; how often you are going to create and publish content. Consistency dictates how long you are going to stick to that schedule. Both go hand in hand. It’s like the habit of eating healthy: you have to optimize your frequency and consistency to get the results you want. Both frequency and consistency equal your level of activity.

The more active you are in creating content, the more potential traffic you can have. The more original content that search engines can find, the more exposure you are likely to have. Hence the jump in traffic once 16+ blog posts are posted a month. Find a balance of both to ensure you are always creating quality content.


Staying relevant

The more up to date you are, the more relevant you can be for your audience. Nobody wants to read about the best weight loss diet from a magazine published in 1972. You know exactly what year it is, and you know what works and what doesn’t. Always keep yourself up to date with the latest trends because that’s what your audience is looking for.

The more frequent and consistent you are with creating content, the more you will have to look for up and coming trends. You are likely within the health, fitness, or sports industry because it’s a passion. If this is true you’ll have no problem researching to create content. You’ll be at the top of your game as long as you stay relevant.


Your audience

Think about what your audience wants out of you. Do they want meal plans to meet their goals? They’re probably going to get bored of your chicken and rice recipe if that’s the only thing you offer. Are they looking for daily motivation? Post something in the morning for them to wake up to, otherwise they’ll go somewhere else. Gauge how often your audience wants their problems solved. You’ll begin to find the optimal frequency fairly quickly once you have your audience in mind.


The platforms you use

Sprout Social, a company founded by Neil Patel, found that the most effective platforms to get people to start talking about products and services were Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and videos. You don’t have to create content on strictly just your blog. Diversify and try reaching your audience on different platforms. With that being said, your frequency and consistency depend on the platform you are using.

It will be easier for you to engage with your customer on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media marketing requires a higher level of frequency and consistency. Although it’s easier to do, it’ll be painfully obvious to your audience if you decide to fall off the face of the earth. As long as you keep your audience engaged on other platforms, you can get away with posting on your blog 3 times a month.


Determine your activity by putting it all together

Creating content 16+ times a month doesn’t seem so bad when you think about the importance of staying relevant, the needs of your audience, and the platforms you use.

Content marketing is a battle between frequency and consistency. You’re going to have to find the right balance so you can keep going. You know you’ll have found the right balance once you can produce quality content at a consistent rate of frequency. Remember, it’s a marathon — not a sprint.

How active are you going to be with your content marketing?