Having an engaged audience is the key to building your brand’s influence. When people are talking about your brand, you’ll likely attract even more followers. This means only one thing – more chances for a conversion. In fact, 72% of a brand’s Twitter followers are likely to make a future purchase. You want your audience to engage with you, right? Well, you’re going to have to be proactive and start the conversation yourself. How? Use one, or even all 6 of the tips below to increase audience engagement with Twitter.


1. Ditch the follower count

A follower count doesn’t mean much. You’ve heard it before: “I’d rather have 100 engaged followers than 10,000 who aren’t.” That doesn’t mean you should follow every single person that follows you. Use your best discretion and follow those who you want to engage with. Are they a part of your audience? Follow them. Possible business partner? Follow them. Competition? Follow them.

Getting engagement begins with building a tribe, a loyal tribe. A tribe that will share and tweet about your brand’s thoughts and opinions. To do that, you’re going to have to pick people to associate yourself with. Ditch the idea of having the highest follower count. You’ll need to think about how you’re going to use social media for your business.


2. Listen to them

Be active and listen to your audience. Kind of obvious, but you’d be surprised at the amount of engagement you can get by replying to your audience. The person you reply to could retweet your reply, which would show for their 5,000 followers. As your reach expands, so do the chances of engagement with your profile.

You’re going to have to listen to your audience and take part in the conversations they’re having. You can do this by using lists or social media management tools. Being active does not mean being on Twitter 24/7. If someone mentions your product, chances are they want you to listen. You have to do your due diligence to act on time.

If they aren’t saying anything, try to start a conversation by asking a question.


3. Like, Retweet, and Validate

Getting one of your tweets retweeted feels good. You feel the dopamine rush through you, and you can’t help but crack a smile. Now imagine the power of bringing the same experience to your audience.

Acknowledge what your audience is saying, and support them by retweeting. Remember that you have a content strategy in place, and that you should only retweet what is relevant. You’ll be helping your audience promote their content. Scratch their back, and they’ll scratch yours.


4. Be inspiring

Motivation is a funny feeling. It can last for up to a week, or even 10 minutes. The thing is, motivation inspires action. When you keep your audience motivated, they will take action. So how are you going to get them to engage with your calls to action?

By using aspirational content. Share your tips, instructions, recipes, advice, whatever it takes to help them improve. Your audience won’t always be able to relate with your content. But maybe they can share with their friends and family who can. Improve lives, challenge perceptions, and display your expertise. Being inspiring builds trust, which results in an engaged audience.


5. Be human – but not too human

Your audience wants to interact with a human, not a corporate robot. You’re going to have to humanize your brand to get engagements. Be careful, as you should not mix this up with sharing your personal life details. Tweeting about how you spilled your coffee does nothing for your brand. Celebrities can get away with doing it, but your brand can’t.

A good example of a brand being human is Denny’s. Here’s an example of one of their golden tweets.

This leads up to another point: it’s obvious when you’re automating everything. You can automate your blog posts, but make sure you throw in plenty of real-time tweets to engage your audience. You can see when Denny’s has scheduled a tweet versus one made in real time. Hint: real-time tweets are usually about something that’s trending at this moment.


6.      Offer help

One of the keys to constant engagement is being known as a brand with solutions. Your audience may be on Twitter trying to find a solution to their problem. It could be about a problem with your product or a problem your product can solve. Look for these queues and answer them as fast as possible.

You don’t have to write helpful content all the time. You can help your audience by linking someone else’s content too. Build a list of links you can share that will help your audience. When you do this, you’re engaging with both your audience and other brands. Just remember to tag them in your tweet with the @ symbol.

If you can’t help them out, connect them with someone who can. No matter what, always try your best to offer help. You’ll build engagement, while also reducing customer attrition and customer acquisition costs. Don’t forget to credit your source!



Getting people to engage with you is not rocket science. Think of having a conversation in real time. Your audience will only engage with you if what you have to say interests them or helps them. Try one – or all 6 tips above, and you’ll find yourself waking up to a bunch of Twitter notifications.

How will you drive audience engagement with Twitter?