The excitement of launching a new product is huge; your entire company goes “Ooh Rah” as your product is promoted all over the internet. All that hard work producing it has finally come to this big day. The only thing is – you need to create quality content to launch a new product. It could be as simple as providing a sneak peek or as detailed as a video of your product being made. Either way, you have 5 good reasons why you need to create quality content to launch your new products.


1. Encourages sharing

Chances are when you’ve got a hot product, your audience will share it. Whenever your audience shares with others, your conversion rate can skyrocket. Why? Your target audience is going to be sharing with their friends or family – these people are going to be interested in your new product. It’s a beautiful concept isn’t it?

Two things will encourage your audience to share: your brand and your product. The only way you’re going to convey both is through: surprise, surprise, content marketing! You already understand that creating content is definitely worth the time you invest.


2. Builds brand awareness

Oh of course, brand awareness. What does this mean? Well basically your new product could symbolize your brand – if you market it well. When more people are aware of your brand, it’ll shorten your target audience’s sales cycle. Let’s take a look at Adidas and their Stan Smiths shoes.

create content to launch a new product

Familiar right? Okay now let’s take a look at these:

content to launch a new product

Now, you’ve probably heard of the Yeezy’s AND the Stan Smiths if you’re a sneaker enthusiast. Both sneakers have sneaker heads pulling out their wallets on a whim due to the effectiveness of the stories used to market the respective sneakers. They do this because they are AWARE of who Adidas is, who Kanye is, and what their money will ultimately get them.


3. Cross selling and up selling

Opens the doors to other products you offer. Now that they’re on your site, they could be looking for other products to add to their cart. Your audience might be looking at a product page for your new jeans, but oh what’s that? The model is wearing a top that goes well with them too! Audience profusely clicks recommended products.

What happened is you’ve shown your jeans paired with one of your other products. Visual content can be so simple yet effective; it’s almost like magic. Even if your audience doesn’t necessarily add that cute top to their cart right away… they might be back once they’ve found that their jeans don’t match any of their tops. Content marketing makes selling and up selling easier, without being too pushy. That takes a lot off your back, doesn’t it?


4. Customer service and feedback

Your product would need a description so your audience has a good idea of what they should expect. This is pretty basic stuff, but doing this lets your audience benchmark your product. You can also create a blog post about your new product and promote it through social media to start a discussion. Here’s an example of an effective product launch blog post:

Dollar Shave Club took their product expectations and ran with it. Because of this video, you get a good idea of what your money is getting you. You may even sign yourself up!

Ask what your audience thinks about the new product – it might hurt but the feedback is extremely valuable. Not only are you getting free feedback, you also show your dedication to customer service. An easy way to encourage discussion about your product is by implementing and promoting a review system. Doing this lets your audience write content for you, and gives you feedback to work on.


5. Company wide understanding

Your company will at least know as much as your customer – if not more. This makes sure that your entire company is well informed of the new product. A bit of a stretch, but content will bring company wide awareness. Not only can this help your client facing staff – it could also create a buzz from the inside.

Let’s take a look at the launch of the iPhone 7 as an example. Content that was created for the iPhone 7 must have educated a large portion of the staff. The infamous keynote made sure of two things – both the staff at Apple AND the target audience were aware of the launch of the new iPhone. Use your content to educate both your staff and audience!


Still not convinced?

Well if you don’t want to get into content marketing, there’s really no escape. You need content to launch a new product. It can be in the form of blog posts, product pictures, product descriptions, or even videos shared on social media. Avoid it all you want; it’s going to happen. When you do launch your next product, consider looking back at your content strategy. Your brand spanking new product needs quality content to drive sales.

How will you use content to launch your new products?