You don’t have to be creative

So it’s time for you to start creating content and you haven’t figured out what to do. You’re probably thinking about the next big thing: what can I create that will make my social media feed blow up?

The problem is you’re asking yourself a question that revolves around your needs. Your audience doesn’t care about what kind of crazy content you want to make; they only care about what you can do for them. Let’s take a few minutes to change perspective and consider 3 ideas that will help you with your content creation.


1) Listen to your audience

Nobody knows your audience better than themselves. You probably already have a few customers, so ask how you can help with the problems they’re having. It might suck to hear about the things you haven’t been able to help them with, but this will benefit your entire business. Get as much input as possible; social media is the easiest way to get the most engagement from your target audience. You can simply ask a question, or even go as far as to creating a Google Forms survey.


2) Use empathy and think from their perspective

Take the valuable information you received from your audience, and use empathy to think about these pain points. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes and think. Think about why the problem is happening, how it affects them, and what the possible solutions are. You’ll start thinking outside of your own interests, and start considering what it would take to solve your audiences problems. The only way your content is going to connect with them is if you understand what’s going on.


3) Revisit your mission statement or beliefs

If you still haven’t found a solution to the problem, that’s okay. You’ll just have to take a step back and begin to understand why you got into creating content for your audience. Go through your old content and see if you have subconsciously curated everything into one theme. Let’s go even further. Revisit your mission statement and beliefs to remind yourself why you should aim to serve. Remember what first got you into this business.


Simplify it and solve a problem

They key to everything here is you don’t have to be creative. In the end your audience is only interested in what you can provide for them. Listen to your audience, use empathy, and revisit your core beliefs the next time you’re stuck on an idea for content. Notice how everything ties back into thinking about your audience? Content marketing isn’t about creating the next “Parisian Love” or motivating cross fit video, it’s about solving problems for your audience.